Adding some extras to my Flight Sim Desk

Over the next week or so I’ll be adding a couple of extras to my Mini Flight Sim desk.

This one a GoFlight GF-LGTII

and this a GoFlight SECM

The SECM will be added and replacing the Saitek Switch Panel

So here it is as of now….



The Final Pics of the Mini Cockpit/Desk

First a closer view of the Saitek Pro Flight Trim Wheel attached below the desk top.


Next a better view of the Pedal Well, this stops any sliding movement of the pedals when in use, it’s a common complaint by pedal users.


USB desktop socket for the sole use of an iPad. The iPad has most of RemoteFlight Software loaded on it the HSI can be seen running in this pic. This close up also shows a clearer view of the teak finger hole I used for routing the cables. Also in this pic you can see the pressure setting panel (top centre) this unit is normally fitted to the throttle control but I moved it on to the panel.


The Final Pic 🙂 Everything except the night light is on and running, if you look really hard at the bottom of the top screen you can just make out the sensor for the TrackIR 5 head movement.
That’s it then project finished 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the trip.

The Final Pic

One last thing  that I have not mentioned before is I removed the monitor stands and fixed them into place using brackets I made out of stainless steel sheet, It gives me a lower viewing angle more in keeping with a real cockpit.

Last Pic


Almost Finished

Almost finished, holes in the desktop to route cables through done. Everything plugged in and running 🙂


Lighting effects working.


The trim wheel on the left hand side is going under the desktop, it just needs the bracket reversing, a job for tomorrow. 🙂


Beam me up Scotty!  🙂

It’s in the House :)

Just a bit of tidying up needed and a three holes cut in the desktop to insert the three teak finger holes that can be seen to the right of the joystick. Just got to empty the room where it will be installed as I have to decorate the room as part of the deal with SWMBO. 🙂


All wires installed except one, One of the DVI-D cables wouldn’t reach the monitor so I have one on order, it should be here on Monday 🙂



So for a week or two while the decorating gets done that’s about it. When Installed into place I will take some final pics for appraisal 🙂

Instruments Fitted

I say fitted but mounted would be a better description. I also had to remove the monitor shelf for easier access to fit the instruments.

instruments fitted

From Left to Right, Pressure setting pad for Saitek Pro Flight X-65-F Joystick. then at the bottom is a Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel with two Saitek Backlit Information Panels above it (one with protective cover still on it). Next is Six Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panels. Finally two Saitek Radio Panels and above those is a Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel.

Another Step Closer

Extra hardwoods pads added to mount the wheels on as the MDF does not have enough strength to take the screws. So the wheels are fitted 🙂

Wheels attached



First time on the floor 🙂 the monitor shelf is not fixed it’s just there to take this pic. 🙂

First time on the floor



The red aircraft style light switch is fitted to the facia of the panel for the diode lights that will be hidden behind the small bead of wood that you can see below the monitor shelf. 🙂

Light Switch

Power Points Added

All the electrical power sockets are fitted, and I’ve just applied the third coat of Danish oil. Some of the exterior panels are soaking it up so much they might need another three coats,  😦  it’s a slow job because each coat needs at least 24 hours to dry. So don’t hold you breath to see it finished.  😦

Power Points


Ten power points in all, one for the computer, two for external hard drives, two for powered USB hubs, one for the sound speakers and three for the monitors. Just one spare. 🙂