I started making a TV cabinet today

I started making a TV cabinet today, not at all like the HiFi units but made from American black walnut to match the HiFi and the dining table, pics will be done tomorrow.


Wendys Skein Holder

Made to order 🙂
One wool skein holder

I put another coat of finish on it this morning, when it’s dry I’ll give it a coat of wax.

The HiFi Units are Finished and Installed

We started 8 o’clock on Sunday morning and finished about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We spent best part of today cleaning the old unit ready to put on ebay later tonight.

Here are pics of it in place.

My Tools and Workshop Pics

My tools and workshop pics can be seen by clicking on the Pages links on the right

Work resumed on my HiFi unit

After three weeks off with a bad back I have now managed to nearly complete the twin of this

So I have two units made but with no drawers made as yet but the fronts are done.

This is what it should look like X 2.

It’s Sunday morning and the HiFi unit gets it’s first coat of Danish oil.

It’s Wednesday and both units now have the drawers fitted and both have had another coat of Danish oil.

One of the two HiFi units is finished, here it is