Maureen’s new Oak Table

Just finished doing the wood work part of Maureen Oak Table, just the actual finish to put on it and then it will be finished. 🙂

The top appears to be 1 3/4″ thick

But it’s not



My new Lie-Nielson 10 1/4 rabbet plane

I don’t normally buy tools I don’t need but I couldn’t resist buying this Lie-Nielson

It was on ebay buy it now for £160, Axminster sell them for £262.91 so I saved £102.91, Lie-Nielson sell them for $350 plus shipping plus tax when it’s delivered so at todays rate of exchange it was £50 cheaper than direct from LN. 🙂

Alf’s 10,000th posting prize

Some months ago on Ukworkshop’s forum a prize was generously offered by Waka one of the forums members. The prize was to guess the date and time that Alf (Alice) another member of the forum would post her ten thousandth posting. I guessed 8pm on the 2nd of April. The 2nd arrived and Alf was some fifteen posts to go to reach ten thousand. I logged on to the forum about 8pm on the 3rd and found she had reached her ten thousandth post earlier in the day, my guess was some 16 hours too early 😦

Then I spotted an email from Waka, it was to inform me that I had won 🙂 😀

This is the first time in my life I have ever won anything like this. 🙂

and here is the gorgeous Clifton plane that I won and boy is it heavy.

and here it is in pride of place in my cabinet.


Easter weekend was Plain Sailing

Yes all we did at Easter was to go sailing on Nell. We went from Plymouth down to Fowey are first trip out this year and in near perfect conditions it was a glorious weekend.

Here we are in Fowey

On the sail back June took the helm.

We also had a few passengers 🙂