Latest Gloat

£29 off Ebay everything stripped and cleaned, Handle/Tote stripped with paint stripper then sanded back to bare wood the top of the tote was ground back 1/2″ to remove a bad chip on the back edge, then it had four coats of shellac and finished with black bison wax. The blade was re-ground and honed to my standard as it was in a sorry state when I received it.

Here it is in it’s new home, Forth shelf down on the left.


Sunday Morning Gloat

I went up the local car boot this morning bought five tiny little bradawls/augers with nice wooden handles all for 50p, spotted a nice Stanley #5 1/2 going for £25 I just bought one on Ebay for £29+£10 postage, grrrrrr 😦

Anyway to get to the gloat part, when I got home Maureen my neighbour asked if I would like any of her late husbands saws as she was clearing her garage. So I had a look and this is what she was going to take to the tip.

Two Disston saws and a brass backed Spear & Jackson 😀 😀 😀 They don’t even need sharpening just a bit of a clean.

Bunny Tea Party

Scene 1, The Bunnies tea party. 5 bunnies sit down for tea in our front garden. 🙂

Nauticat 2007 Rally Prizes

I’ve been asked to give prizes for a raffle during the Nauticat 2007 Rally to be held in Weymouth on July the 13th-14th. Rather than go and buy something I decided to make a couple of prizes.
The Tea Candle Stand is a design copied from a member of forum, this one is 8″ long and made from teak.

The divided box also made from teak is for storing chart table instruments & pencils on board ship, it is 7 1/2″ long 3 1/2″ high, it has a soft hide leather bottom to protect it from scratching the chart table top.


New Tool Cabinet Finished

Now filled with all my Stanley planes that were stored in drawers and cupboards

Left to right top row, Stanley #7, Stanley #79.
Second row down, Stanley #6, Stanley #3.
Third row down, Stanley #5, Stanley #4.
Forth row, Stanley #271 router, (space reserved for #5 1/2) but a Lie-Nielson 073 Large Shoulder Plane occupies it’s space, Stanley #4 1/2.
Bottom row, Stanley #60 1/2, #9 1/2, #93 rabbet, #92 rabbet, #90 rabbet.

A New Tool Cabinet

New tool cabinet

I built is cos I got no room left for all the Stanleys 🙂

Here’s a close up of the dovetails

I done some mods to an old 1″ chisel, made it in to a marking/striking knife