Latest tools gloat

Well this finishes the bevel edged chisel cabinet, added are the 1″ chisel third in from right, and the last two on the right which are a left and right handed 1/2″ skew chisels.

Here is a better pic of the chisels including two Lie Nielsen planes the #98 & #99 plus a Lie Nielsen Boggs spokeshave and a Veritas hold down.

One or two other Lie-Nielsen tools I have

No. 10-1/4 Bench Rabbet Plane

60-1/2R Rabbet Block Plane

60-1/2 Low Angle Adjustable Mouth Block Plane

073 Large Shoulder Plane


Nauticat Rally & Summer Cruise

Wednesday July 11th John flew in to Heathrow from San Francisco and joined us down in Cornwall. Thursday July 12th saw us on board Nell and a quick trip up to Salcombe where we stayed in the bag for the night. Next day was a long haul to Weymouth and had to be timed to get round Portland Bill exactly right on the tide, but getting out of Salcombe at six in the morning was slower than normal owing to F6 westerly wind blowing down the fairway against the tide causing short steep waves in the fairway, as soon as we got out of the estuary we had quite a large following sea all the way to Portland Bill.

Portland Bill

Arriving in Weymouth exactly at five minutes to six we were perfect for the town bridge opening at six o’clock.

Weymouth Town Bridge

Escorted in to the inner marina we were shown our birth with all the other Nauticats who had arrived earlier and some the day before.

Some of the Fifteen Nauticats at the Association Rally

Early Tuesday it was all go for Guernsey and soon we were well out in the English channel and crossing the shipping lanes east of the Casquettes, often we would see other sailboats but today would be quite different when we spotted this…..

It’s a Submarine

Enlarged pic of the Submarine

not a very good pic I know but it’s quite unusual to see them on the surface way out at sea.

The rest of the trip down to Guernsey was uneventful except for the speed we went past Alderney

Almost power boat speed

The speed did top 12 knots before our arrival at St Peter Port Guernsey, here is a pic of June chatting to our neighbour and the crew enjoying a drink. 🙂

Several days later it was off to Jersey for a day or two then on to St Malo, here’s a pic of Nell in Jersey

With worsening weather and England under water it was back to St Peter Port Guernsey here are a few pics on route.

Back in Guernsey but this time Beucette

Our trip back to Plymouth from Beucette we were joined by Wally & Allene Scrimshaw on their Nauticat Pelagos.

Pelagos NC33

Another encounter with the Casquette shipping lanes.

I think he’s a bit bigger than us, so he’s got right of way, sod the regs motor gives way to sail 🙂

Passing Salcombe it got a little bumpy but all in all a good trip, here’s a pic of Nell in her birth having a rest.