Anglian window gripe

Why not to buy From Anglian Windows!

This window has supposedly been mended by Anglian windows within their guarantee period. We now have three issues with them. The others being another window that leaks and a patio door that has been repaired twice, and needs attention yet again after only one year. We have now been waiting three months for someone to repair it again, we now have a date of 17th of January 2008 and that visit is to just estimate the job it’s not to do repairs. Anyone who buys from Anglian wants their heads testing, The Anglian web sites first line read “Here at Anglian, we pride ourselves on our helpful customer service” I don’t think so do you. 😦

PS….. I get about two phone calls a month pestering me to buy Anglian products they know I have done every window and door, plus all the guttering sofets etc, Just how many times can you tell them it’s all done?

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Record 044 Plough Plane

Jim my friend from Portreath gave me this Record 044 🙂 So now as for Record plough planes go I’ve got two 044, two 050, two 43, and one 405 🙂