The American Walnut Cupboard Finished, Final pics

With the cupboard finished it is now in situ in my home, and here are the final pics

This pic is taken with no flash to show the real natural colour of the walnut

The Final Pic



Starting on the Finish

First panel to get a coat of celulose sanding sealer is the back.

Next for the sealer is the end panels

With the handles taken off the top and front get done, I’m quite high on the fumes now 🙂 So I’ll wait till tomorrow before cutting it all back with wire wool or 240 grit paper.

It looks quite a bit different now the sanding sealer is rubbed down 🙂

A view of the back panel rubbed down.

1st Coat of Danish oil.

Five coats of Danish oil on top of the celulose sanding sealer. Tomorrow it will get a coat of Black Bison paste wax
and a buff up then I’ll put the handles on and the magnetic left and right door catches, and some felt pads to stand it on.


The Walnut Cupboard Latest

The centre drop down door is positioned but the hinges have still to be fitted. Although I can get a sheet of paper around the sides and top of the centre door I may shave a little more off it just in case it swells a little.
The three blocks in front are what will become the handles.

The centre drop down door is now fitted, but working out the geometry on those stays wasn’t easy. If they were ordinary stays it would have been simple but these are sprung loaded so when you close the door the pressure from the spring keeps the door closed i.e. no catch needed. 🙂

Latest update of the Anglian Gripe

Back on February 1st, I posted the following

Well after all the phone calls none of which were returned as they promised, out of the blue we received a letter confirming that a service visit will be made on the 28th of February between 12.00 – 17.00.

Today I received yet another letter stating.

We are writing to advise you that it has been necessary for us to cancel your existing appointment for a service visit on the 28th of February.

We have rescheduled the visit for Wednesday 30th April 2008 between 0800- 1300

If you cancel we are unable to guarantee another appointment within one month of the above appointment.

What is really pissing me off seriously now is the letter ends with…

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and assure you of our very best attention at all times.

So after waiting what now adds up today five months we have been told we have to wait for six months.

This company must be the worst in the country, their TV advert is a load of misleading lies as far as the way they have dealt with me. Never again will I ever use this company and there is no way I would recommend them.

More done to the cupboard doors

Not quite done as in the sketchup drawing, I decided to rebate right to the edge and make the boards to be fitted a little bigger, this will hopefully help stop/reduce the door from warping.
It may look at first glance that I used the LN rebate plane but the truth is I did the major work with my table router, I’m only cleaning up the faces with the plane. The rebate to the left is as it came off the router table. The rebate to the right is nearly finished.

Both the left and right doors fitted. The centre door seen on the top as yet to be sized.

A close look at the barrel hinge fittings if you look closely above the top hinge and below the lower hinge you can see where I have had to plug the cockup of using too small a hinge, I decided to move them rather than trying to redrill where the plug was as I feel the doors would be weekened using the same hole position.
The door strengthening is only glued about half the length, it is screwed at the hinge end to allow movement in this cross grain situation.

Latest pics of the cupboard and a ?

View of the back paneling

Better view of the front

Doors glued up just need cutting to size. The grain will run Vertical when fitted.

To reduce warping should I reinforce the door as in version A or B?
Version A would be flush with the face and glued only in the centre with screws at the ends.
Version B would be inset 3/8" into the door but would stick out 3/8".
Or should I risk fixing the door and hope it don’t warp?

Walnut Cupboard update

Wednesday 6th February

The unit the correct way up but I had to screw some planks on the bottom temporarily as it’s longer than my assembly table. All the face pieces fitted, just the doors to do on the front now. I might start the back and leave the doors to the very last thing. Whatever I cant do anymore until at least Sunday 😦

A close up of the mitred joints on the front face.

Friday the 8th of February

Starting on the back panel. The top rail is glued into place and the side pieces are ready to glue up, all have a dado/groove on the inside face for fitting the panels.

Gluing the side pieces on.

The unit now lying on it’s front. The lower rail is only dry fitted so I could measure it up for the two middle pieces. The lower rail is made with floating tenons and the two middle pieces will be fixed on the same way.

Saturday the 9th of February

Centre stiles cut with floating tenons and glued in place

Stiles dry fitted

Boards resawn for back panels to 1/2″ thick

All the boards have been thicknessed and have had any sapwood cut off then they were edged and glued up for the three panels.

The panels have been sized and fitted, that completes the back.