Walnut Cupboard update

Wednesday 6th February

The unit the correct way up but I had to screw some planks on the bottom temporarily as it’s longer than my assembly table. All the face pieces fitted, just the doors to do on the front now. I might start the back and leave the doors to the very last thing. Whatever I cant do anymore until at least Sunday 😦

A close up of the mitred joints on the front face.

Friday the 8th of February

Starting on the back panel. The top rail is glued into place and the side pieces are ready to glue up, all have a dado/groove on the inside face for fitting the panels.

Gluing the side pieces on.

The unit now lying on it’s front. The lower rail is only dry fitted so I could measure it up for the two middle pieces. The lower rail is made with floating tenons and the two middle pieces will be fixed on the same way.

Saturday the 9th of February

Centre stiles cut with floating tenons and glued in place

Stiles dry fitted

Boards resawn for back panels to 1/2″ thick

All the boards have been thicknessed and have had any sapwood cut off then they were edged and glued up for the three panels.

The panels have been sized and fitted, that completes the back.



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