More done to the cupboard doors

Not quite done as in the sketchup drawing, I decided to rebate right to the edge and make the boards to be fitted a little bigger, this will hopefully help stop/reduce the door from warping.
It may look at first glance that I used the LN rebate plane but the truth is I did the major work with my table router, I’m only cleaning up the faces with the plane. The rebate to the left is as it came off the router table. The rebate to the right is nearly finished.

Both the left and right doors fitted. The centre door seen on the top as yet to be sized.

A close look at the barrel hinge fittings if you look closely above the top hinge and below the lower hinge you can see where I have had to plug the cockup of using too small a hinge, I decided to move them rather than trying to redrill where the plug was as I feel the doors would be weekened using the same hole position.
The door strengthening is only glued about half the length, it is screwed at the hinge end to allow movement in this cross grain situation.


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