Latest on the walnut cupboard (updated on the 4th & 5th)

So the real woodwork really begins here in my view. Starting with a good scrape, it gets a much better finish than sanding.

A bit of TLC for the end panels too.

90deg cut, I had to break out my big sled for this, my normal panel sledge wasn’t big enough.

Both end panels got mitred down one side only but both were mitered to length to ensure they were exactly the same length

The top piece and both the end panels get their final edges mitred all together to ensure they are exactly the same width

The top mitred on all four edges and both ends mitred on three edges

Both end panels have 3/8″ deep 1/2″ wide stopped dado’s for the bottom board

The top upside down is placed on the cramps, they are pulled up so the are just snug to the end of the mitres

The vertical clamps do all the work, the horizontal clamps stop the side panel from spreading

The two stays make sure it’s at 90deg and fillets or added strength

A little more progress today Monday 4th February

Both end are on, the bottom has been cut to size and routed out for the divider panels which have also been cut ready to fit. I still need to rout out the the underside of the top for the dividers but I have already marked out where to cut.

Tuesday 5th of February

The unit is still upside down. The bottom and dividing panels get fitted. The bottom is glued into the dado for only about five inches at the front, to add strength a fillet has been added near the front edge on both ends.

The left hand (remember it’s upside down) face piece gets glued on, no pins (my names not Norm) 🙂

At the rear a slotted block has been glued to the end panel but screwed to the bottom, the slot will allow any movement of the end panel.

Same procedure for the right hand face piece.

Here is a better pic of the left hand piece after the glue had gone off.



Update…. Latest News on The Anglian Gripe

Well after all the phone calls none of which were returned as they promised, out of the blue we received a letter confirming that a service visit will be made on the 28th of February between 12.00 – 17.00.

Now as I understood the service assessor, he said it would take two men all day to correct the problems. Now whats the betting that they turn up at knocking off time and don’t have enough time to fix all the problems? 😦

Keep viewing for an update.