I’ve been playing with my camera

I was going to go to Plymouth boat jumble today, then I decided to play with my new camera instead.
I took all these pics in a twenty minute period. All of them can be viewed full size here http://www.flickr.com/photos/lord_nibbo/

Then this chap pottered into the scene, he’s 11 on Thursday


Workshop shift around.

I decided to put my Blue Spruce paring chisels & my Lie Nielsen chisels here in this cabinet

Here they are now.

I then decided my work bench would be better directly below the tool cabinets, but to do so would mean the mitre saw bench would have to be moved to another wall. You can see from this pic it’s in the way. 😀

With it moved the bench was placed in position and a new home for my router table.

Meanwhile at the other end of the shop The morticer & drill stand had to be moved

With those moved it cleared the way to re-home the mitre saw bench, I also angled the position of the saw table and my planer.

Now with the cleared wall where the mitre bench was all my other machines have a lot more room.
The Drill press was also taken off it’s steel table and now resides at the end of the mitre table.

So what started as somewhere to put my new chisels has taken a week of total upheaval 😀

Veritas Bronze Special Edition Block Plane

Veritas Bronze Special Edition Block Plane

My Blue Spruce Paring Chisel Set

My new set of Blue Spruce Paring Chisels, all fitted with long Cocobolo handles