My new mug shot

Should I use face cream or perhaps WD40? 😀


Performance Royalties, Song Royalties, Gripe.

You bought a new car, you paid for it, you let people sit in it, you let people ride in it for free. The makers of the car don’t expect anymore money other than what you paid for it when new. If you sell the car you get the money not the car maker.

You buy a house, you paid the builders or the last owner in full. You let friends and family stay over or even live with you. They may help subsidize the running cost, you may even have a little money left over. You may even sell the house but the original builder wouldn’t expect more money.

In fact I can’t think of anything I buy where I’m expected to pay any more than for the original purchase price.

Other than music.

You buy a recording, everyone concerned gets paid for it.

So how come if I let anyone listen to music on my radio or have my HiFi on a little loud I need a special yearly licence (minimum £60 per annum) that gets paid to various Performing Rights Organisations?

The greedy bastards want paying again and again for something second hand. 😦

A New Roof

Or at least new felt and valleys. Cornish man Paul Snell started today removing all the tiles and batons. I hope the weather don’t interrupt getting it finished.

Fathers Day Present

It speaks volumes of how my children were brought up 😀

I’ve not laughed so much for years when I opened the box.

I thought I should give the bear a name…… how about…. “Di” or maybe “Uwen” 😀

A tribute to Nelson

No not Horatio, but a local tourist attraction.

A life size bronze statue recently erected in Looe Cornwall paid for by local people in memory of him. Nelson had only one eye (hence the name) was often seen cruising in the harbour getting free meals from tourist and the local fishing boats. He was last seen about six years ago and it is assumed he died at sea.

Whilst in Looe I couldn’t resist taking a few pics of the local birds 🙂 here is a sample

Fighters at 6 O’clock 😀