The Stanley 10 1/2 Refurb Finished

Stanley 10 1/2 Refurb Finished

here is how it looked when I picked it up at a carboot sale(yard sale) for £5 ($10)

Cleaning The Plane

First step to assemble the kit needed to use electrolysis to strip the rust off

Pics of the kit

Really expensive kit 😀 One gallon plastic container with the top cut off, two bits of iron to act as negative anodes, two old spring clamps to hold the anodes, and a 12v battery charger, and most important two or three spoonfuls of washing soda. 😀

Next step fill the container with water turn on the power and add the soda a little at a time until approximately a 5-6 amp current is obtained. 😀

Container filled with water the current is turned on and washing soda added

15 minutes later it’s cooking quite nicely 🙂 the scum on the top is rust.

Here is a closer pic of the lever cap before restoration started

The lever cap had about an hour undergoing the electolysis treatment then I buffed it up using a polishing mop on my grinding machine. This next pic is how it looks now.

At the moment the frog and chip beaker are in tub cooking 😀

Tuesday 30th July

The chip breaker had the same elecrolysis treatment but it needed a lot of rubbing down, there is some pitting as I expected but I can live with that

The blade although needing a lot a rubbing down came out much better than the chip breaker

Some clean up shows there is some pitting but nothing that bad

After flattening the sole and sides of the body a little just to get it clean paint stripper was applied
to remove the japaning

For more on how to do japaning see my page “Home made japaning”


Here it is finished 🙂




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