Well I like it

I like it, but I need a chain saw to make one, and I need a whole tree trunk as well 🙂


Veritas Dream tool

Veritas BX60

This one is BRONZE 😀

Dollies Rocking Crib

Made entirely from scraps and assembled so it can be flat packed. It’s for my adopted grand daughters 🙂 Their mum saw one in John Lewises at over £40 and decided to ask grandad if he could make one 😀

Anyway here it is, you’ll have to imagine the frilly drapes and duvet etc, 😀

It’s still got to have the finish applied, I haven’t decided to do it with Danish oil or polyurethane, what would you do it with?

Workshop Modification

I don’t know how long it will stay in place but I moved my compressor today, tired of it kicking around hidden in a corner I decided to hang it up out of the way.

Here are a couple of pics in it’s new hangout 😀

Hall Table Finished

Finished all but for handles on the drawers 🙂 I might even leave them off as the drawers can easily be opened using the lower edge. This first pic was taken using a flash although it shows up the finish well (note the can of lubricating wax reflection) it dosen’t represent the true colours of the table.

Taken with no flash this pic does represent the colours well. The finish was two coats of cellulose sanding sealer knocked back with 0000 grade wire wool then two coats of danish oil each one knocked back again with wire wool, a third and final coat of danish oil as shown in the pic. A final touch will be a coat of Black Bison Paste wax in a day or two.

The final pic. Many thanks for all the critique I hope you enjoyed the journey of this WIP 🙂

Here it is in position in the hall