Joseph Marples T14 Mortice Gauge

Not impressed with wheel gauges like the Titemark from Lie Nielsen I thought I would go back to something I grew up with so I’ve bought a Joseph Marples T14 Mortice Gauge. Here are some pics of it.

The handle on this new gauge from Joseph Marples is shorter than some I’ve owned but it’s by far the heaviest, with that thick brass front you cant expect anything else. 🙂


How to fit a sqaure peg in a round hole

I’ve been asked how I made it possible to fit chisels that are much larger then the shank size of the holes bored to fit the shanks as in my Lie Nielsen chisels.

As in this pic

First step is to drill or bore all the holes all the same size, as they are in this pic, of course some of the thinner chisels will fit for the larger chisels the next step to cut mortises for the larger chisels increasing the mortise size to suit each chisel.

Then you simply put the chisel in sideways until the blade has passed through to the shank and then twist the chisel 90 degrees so the blade is facing you.

Kitchen Refurbishment

The Aga cooker range has been removed and sent off for re-enamelling in black

New ceiling installed and plastered. The old one had five very large concealed downlight spots and it was artexed so to fill all the holes it was easier to re-plaster the whole ceiling. The light fitting are only temporary the new light fittings won’t be installed until after the new kitchen is fitted.

While we were at it in the kitchen I also removed the wooden paneled wall and plastered both the front and the sides of the shelf the model boat is standing on.

I think it’s an improvement on what it used to look like.

Well the old kitchen cabinets were removed today (Friday) but work started on Wednesday with removing all the floor tiles, it took two of us all day and in the end it resulted in using a kango hammer to remove them 😦 We also removed the tiles in our cloak room which is adjoining the kitchen these became almost impossible to remove and in the end we had to take the whole floor up and relay a new floor. 😦

Here are pics as it looks at this moment

After nearly two months of upheaval were now on the home leg of finishing the kitchen remodel. We’ve still got a list of tuit’s to do like , Some plastering then the Limestone wall tiles go on the walls, some glass shelves missing from several of the wall units as is the frosted glass doors for the same units, the fridge freezer has to be got back into place (four man job) the hob top hood is still missing, the blinds have to be replaced, paint the rest of the walls and doorways, and the tap in the picture has to be changed to a bridged lever type.

Hopefully one more week should see it finished 🙂

When the sink was fitted we had to temporarily fit our old tap unit (faucet) we now have the new taps fitted, so this draws to a close the Kitchen refurb.

Here are some pics of the new taps 🙂


Wow my sons a .com

Yes a .com 🙂 after years of blogging (I think he invented it) he’s finally become a .com it’s HERE