So with the kitchen nearly finished I’ve been busy finishing the hallway

Just to remind you what it originally looked like here’s a pic

First job was the wooden paneling is removed and the wall plastered including the sides of the shelf the model boat is standing on.

Then the glass wall was taken out and a new shelf made from American black walnut was installed and a new frame. Then lights were installed above the shelf and a frosted acrylic sheet was put into place.

Quite a change from the original pic 🙂

So how does it look at night?

With the room behind in light but no other lights on.

With the over lights turn on and all the room lights turned off.


Limestone tiles are up and finished :)

A step nearer to finishing, all the limestone and glass tiles are done. Just waiting for four frosted glass doors and the hob top hood plus two new roller blinds.


Kitchen Refurb drawing to a close :)

After nearly two months of upheaval were now on the home leg of finishing the kitchen remodel. We’ve still got a list of tuit’s to do like , Some plastering then the Limestone wall tiles go on the walls, some glass shelves missing from several of the wall units as is the frosted glass doors for the same units, the fridge freezer has to be got back into place (four man job) the hob top hood is still missing, the blinds have to be replaced, paint the rest of the walls and doorways, and the tap in the picture has to be changed to a bridged lever type.

Hopefully one more week should see it finished 🙂

Can you see me mum?

Newfie’s aren’t very good at playing “Hide & Seek” 🙂