Useful for Bureaucrats

Used by the mile in Brussels 😀


The New Kitchen Taps (Faucet)

When the sink was fitted we had to temporarily fit our old tap unit (faucet) we now have the new taps fitted, so this draws to a close the Kitchen refurb.

Here are some pics of the new taps 🙂


An Old Forgotten Poem

About nine or ten years ago I wrote this poem and forgot all about it, I recently found buried in an old file I hope it amuses all who read it.

My Mistress

I quietly lay down beside her,
I hope she will not wake.

Her body warm and tender,
Hair of golden flowing highlights
Like moonbeams on the lake.

Her gentle words are loving,
And music to my ears.
I’ve done all my roving,
It’s hear I will spend my years.

She knows when she has hurt me,
The pain oh she can see.
Just one word of kindness,
I am sure I will forgive.

I love her soft caresses,
When she thinks I am asleep.
Her fingers touch me gently,
I slumber oh so deep.

Oh yes I love my mistress,
Like most would love a God
For I am a Newfie
A big black giant dog.