Blue Spruce Butt Chisel Set

It’s no good looking at the Blue Spruce web site for Butt chisels they don’t make them “Yet” 🙂

I’ve been swapping emails with Dave Jeske of Blue Spruce fame since early November talking about designs for a set of Butt chisels loosely based on the Blue Spruce bench chisels.

Below is the final choice of design for what will be the first ever set of Butt chisels to come from the Blue Spruce stable.

On the left the new Butt chisel, on the right a bench chisel.

I’m expecting delivery perhaps in April maybe May and when they arrive there will be a pic added. 🙂

I’ve finally got them

After waiting since early October when I first emailed Dave Jeske I’ve finally got them to play with. Dave Jeske has certainly come up with something special and well worth the wait. 🙂

So as yet unused and needing their first honing here they are 🙂

A Close up of the Blue Spruce Logo

Largest in the set

Smallest in the set

Tool Cabinet Remodel
Adding the Blue Spruce Butt Chisels I needed to alter the storage, here’s a pic of the cabinet now