Mastervolt IVO Smart 12/50/3 Marine Charger

How much would you pay for a car charger? I would guess £20 maybe £30 for a good one.

I’ll add the price I paid for this one later 😦

Anyway two weeks ago I turned on my boats battery charger which promptly blew the RCD trip not only on my boat but the shorepower RCD’s as well 🙂
Several tests proved the problem was the charger itself. So it was a case of getting it mended or a new one 😦 After visiting several marine electronic dealers it was clear that due to its age getting it mended was out and the only course was a new one. 😦 Searching the internet I managed to source one local and managed to get £105 discount….. yes that’s correct £105 off the price before the dreaded VAT goes on.

So how much did it cost? Well with VAT it came to £680 and a few pence 😦 yes that’s correct £680 😦


A Busy Two Weeks

It all started two weeks ago when we scrubbed all the teak decks down that took my wife and I three whole days of scrubbing, and whole days mean a 7am start and finish about 6pm with no breaks 😦

This week we needed to fit new anodes, clean the prop off give the hull a clean and get some fresh antifoul painted on.

7am high water and waiting for the tide to turn.

Three hours later and we’re high and dry, thats my legs up near the bow, I’m cleaning off the bowthruster prop.

Prop done, next job is power wash the crud from the hull.

Power washing the sh*t off 🙂

Many thanks to Allene & Wally Scrimshaw for taking the pics and emailing them to me.