The Admiral steers out of Salcombe

The Admiral steers out of Salcombe while the Captain’s ordered on to watch duty 🙂


Tool Cabinet Remodel

With the arrival of the Blue Spruce Butt chisel set I’ve remodeled my tool cabinet to give them a home, so here’s the latest pic taken.


Went all the way around the world on Thursday

Went all the way around the world on Thursday and again on Friday and again on Saturday 🙂

It visited Fowey for a few days, and how uncanny that My brother-in-law John was on board with us and he knew one of the passengers on board who has actually lived on the ship since she was new, for those who don’t know all the passengers on board actually own the suites on board. When we went ashore we found out that Johns friend had disembarked only two minutes before we went ashore, eventually we did manage to get to see him, what a surprise here we have two men both from San Francisco who were both in Fowey both on boats all at the same time. Uncanny!