French Cleat “How to make”

I’m surprised how often people google and find my blog searching for information on how make a french cleat.
So to make it easier here is a drawing explaining a french cleat.

click on the pic for a clearer larger pic.

The easy way to fit a French Cleat in position

French Cleat 2


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3 Responses to French Cleat “How to make”

  1. Amre says:

    Aren’t the two pieces reversed in the first diagram?

  2. Joanne says:

    @Amre, I thought they were reversed too but they’re not. In the diagram above you have to imagine where the red & blue lines are as the wall. The greyed out areas would be touching the back of the cabinet.

    @Lord Nibbo, thanks for creating this diagram, really makes it easier to visualize everything! 🙂

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