Several of Johns Projects

Six capstans John made out of stainless steel for a customer who wanted them to front his property in San Francisco

Balustrade again made from stainless steel, no straight bits in sight, must have been a nightmare to make… 🙂

Balustrade Fitted


The Great Tits Return

I pictured this pair of Great Tits last year when they nested in this terracotta jug on our patio. Well they came back and this year we managed to capture most of the family as the brood fledged and left the nest for the first time.

A reminder from last year of where they nested

This years brood

Two get fed by mum & dad

Two go walkabout


Just Launched

After leaving the hoist we gently go astern, this is the view of the hoist empty.
Just imagine trying to get the boat into it very slowly on a windy day, something like trying to drive a car in an ice rink, your likely to be blown sideways faster than you go forward, add no brakes, a mixture for disaster 🙂


New Sailing Season About To Start

Hull scrubbed and anti-fouled new anodes fitted, generator craned out for overhaul, main engine oil and filters changed, three of the five sails have been cleaned and repaired but still to be rehung, just needs the topsides scrubbing down, dinghy inflated and hung on the davits and she’s ready for the coming summer. 🙂

Prop cleaned and polished by the Admiral (my wife June) 🙂