Anco windshield wiper arms fitted on Nauticats

For several years I’ve wanted to renew the wiper arms on my boat because they were rusting badly. As it seems impossible to source any Anco arms in the UK I did manage to find a USA supplier but I had an idea that the arm was ok, the problem was the spring or rather the spring rusted badly stopping it from pressing the blade onto the glass when the wiper was used.

The web site for Anco shows how to remove them but not the type I’ve got 😦

So how do you remove the arm from the drive shaft? Well this is what I’ve done…

As it looks when fitted. It’s impossible to see the clip that retains it on the motor drive shaft.

Cutting the rubber sleeve reveals the clip. inserting something pointed behind the clip made it easy to remove the arm using a couple of screw drivers.

Cleaned up and ready to replace the spring.
I found the spring used for Vespa Exhaust Spring is just the right size and it’s made of stainless steel 🙂

A link to where I sourced the spring is here…

New stainless steel spring fitted. Yes that’s old spring below the arm 🙂 no wonder the wiper couldn’t do it’s job.

The spring can be obtained here…

New arms & motors can be obtained from an American supplier


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