The Finished Chess Board

The finished chess board. Picture taken in natural light to show the true colour.

The Finished Chess Board. The final pic 🙂


Applying the Lambs Leather

The final fifth coat of Danish Oil was applied left over night and here after I cut it back with wire wool I’ve applied a clear wax paste and buffed it up.

The leather looks rather red in these pics because of using a flash, in the final pics I’ll try and take a few pics not using it to get a sence of its real colour of burgandy.
Anyway first job is to trim two edges to make sure it’s square.

Next job is to liberally coat the wood with PVA glue. This pic probably shows the truer colour of the leather.

After trimming the other two edges using the lip in the wooden frame as a guide I used a dark wax liberally all around the edges of the leather.

Both pieces fitted and finally a buff up.