The Finished Chess Board

The finished chess board. Picture taken in natural light to show the true colour.

The Finished Chess Board. The final pic 🙂


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7 Responses to The Finished Chess Board

  1. Marilyn says:

    Love the look of your chess board AND the table/chairs as well! Thanks for sharin’!

  2. Bob says:

    Yet another piece of excelent woodworking and the wood grain and colour looks really rich looking.

  3. Nathan Thursby says:

    Hey, been following you since last year! Love your projects, basing my year 12 major work of your chess table and would love to get in contact with you about parts of it! Just wondering what brand of Danish oil you used and how you buffed your pison paste because I have used lamb wool and I get no way near the same shine. Hope to hear from you, Nathan

  4. Lord Nibbo says:

    The danish oil is Colron clear, at least four or five coats, just applied thinly with a cotton rag, and rubbed down lightly with fine 0000 wire wool every coat. The first couple of coats can be done within hours of each other but the latter coats need a full day to dry properly. I also apply the wax with fine wire wool and don’t leave it too long before buffing up as it can be really hard to buff up if you apply too much wax and let it dry too much, i.e. for an area the size of a chess board do it in two halves so the wax is still fresh.

  5. Lord Nibbo says:

    The final buff up with wax is buffed up with a cotton cloth not the wire wool. I’ve found using wire wool to apply the wax leaves the feel of the wood silky smooth and even better than if you sprayed the oil on. 🙂

  6. John Gonser says:

    Don’t know if my question got through so I’ll ask again: What hinges did you use for the chess board? I’ve been unable to locate any like those.

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