A few more parts added

The lugs for the monitor shelf are  positioned around the top of the unit and care was taken not to position them where fixing bolts need to go for the instruments. The Vinyl was removed where the lugs are glued and screwed into position.

The rear shelf in the second pic  will hold ten power points plus 27+ powered USB sockets. All the wiring will be out of sight 🙂

14   13


Fitting the front panel

The front panel is covered with Carbon Fibre Vinyl and fixed into place with biscuits at the ends and screwed along the length from underneath.

12   11

OK a Heath Robinson set up of clamps to help fix the panel and gussets were added at the end to beef up the biscuit joints.

Some more progress




Two coats of danish oil and one coat of yacht varnish, done not for looks but to seal the wood as I’m covering this panel with Carbon Fibre Vinyl.





The desk top and front rail are  fitted. The desk top has a routed housing joint cut into it where the central divider is.




Dryfit of the front panel and monitor stand, the monitor stand has a little more work to do on it as I have to fit the small wings each end to accommodate the angles left and right monitors.



Making the front panel

Marked out where the Saitek Instrument will be fitted.



Cutting out






A few more parts added to the Mini Cockpit Desk

The central divider and rear rail is fitted, here the right hand panel is fitted.


The desktop is fitted, sorry for the out of focus pic.



I’ve already started marking out the angled front panel to take all the instruments, tomorrow I’ll cut it out.

Fitting the end panels

Started fitting the end panels, in this first pic you can see that I’ve marked out where to cut and clamped  both end panels together to be sure they are exactly the same.


Cutting the biscuit slots for the left hand panel.


Left hand panel fixed and glued into position. Braced at the rear to support it until I have fitted the other end and added rails.


Adding the left plinth and Rear Rail

Biscuits cut and left hand plinth glue into place.

Adding the Left Plinth


Seven Biscuits cut in the rear rail, and not as easy as it looks because the centre three are not on the same level as the rest so extra care was needed to make sure they were correctly cut.

Adding the Rear Rail

Having to wait now a couple of hours before adding the front rail. 🙂