All About

Married with two married sons, one who lives in Marlow, and the other who lives near Louth in Lincolnshire. I live in Talland Bay Cornwall with my wife June and two Newfoundlands Bosun & Otto.


We moved here from Brize Norton Oxfordshire in April 2000 after I retired.

My hobbies are Sailing and Woodwork. We used to show the dogs but they are now also retired. So most of my woodwork is done from October to April then it’s boating time May to September. 🙂

Here is a picture of my boat


It’s a Nauticat 38 named “Nell” after my late mother, she was launched new in November 2000.

On September 1st sadly we lost Otto and then at a good old age on December 9th we lost Bosun the last of our Newfies.


5 Responses to All About

  1. David Staples says:

    Really enjoyed your discussion and pictures of the 38 which we are considering purchasing. Thank you for posting them and your sailing trips. Very nice.

    David Staples

  2. lordnibbo says:

    Hi David, If your really interested in buying a Nauticat in the future you might be interested in joining the association, you would then get a quarterly magazine which gives loads of technical information about all Nauticats plus a list of suppliers of marine equipment and as an association member you get a very good discount on anything purchased, then there are three soon to be four different rallies each year divided up for east coast owners, south coast owners and west coast owners (celtic) the fourth will be for owners in the Med.
    If your interested telephone Annemarie Yates on 01793 700526

  3. shirley says:

    Have just connected with you both having just got a new computer. Have really got into your life except for the boat and sorry but..I still feel seasick!!

  4. Mark Nazza says:


    I found a non-working reference on your website.

    I was just browsing through your site and there were some non-working references that I ran into. For instance if you go to and try to click on, you’ll notice the link doesn’t send you to where it should (or am I the only one experiencing this)? There are a few more cases like this and I’d be happy to point them out if you’d like me to. I’m just letting you know because I realize how difficult it can be to find these little issues when you are busy running a website, so thought I’d help out a little bit.

    Thanks for your great content,

  5. Lord Nibbo says:

    Many thanks, I’ve removed the non-working link.

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