Some Mods to my Tool Cabinet

I have added felt to match the door holding the chisel racks, and at the same time added the small saw rack for my dovetail saws. I have found the felt eliminates any rust attacking the tools.


Unusual Great Tit Nest

We can’t go on our patio 😦 cos this cheaky pair of great tits have moved in to an old terracotta jug on the door step. 🙂

A Trip to Falmouth

Early morning en route for Falmouth on dolphin watch and the odd basking shark.

A pic of the mizzen staysail set

June taking in a few rays

Early evening in Falmouth looking towards the maritime museum.

Blue Spruce Butt Chisels

I’ve just received an Email from Dave Jeske Of Blue Spruce fame and here is a pic of the first ever “Blue Spruce Butt Chisels” to make the production line, hopefully I’ll be his first customer to get to use them.

Blue Spruce Butt Chisels shown against the normal size bench chisel.

My set of Butt chisels are being brought to the UK by my broth-in-law who lives in San Francisco, so expect some pics of the very first Blue Spruce Butt Chisel Set to appear here on or about the 16th

I’ve finally got them

After waiting since early October when I first emailed Dave Jeske I’ve finally got them to play with. Dave Jeske has certainly come up with something special and well worth the wait. 🙂

So as yet unused and needing their first honing here they are 🙂

A Close up of the Blue Spruce Logo

Largest in the set

Smallest in the set

Tool Cabinet Remodel
Adding the Blue Spruce Butt Chisels I needed to alter the storage, here’s a pic of the cabinet now


A Busy Two Weeks

It all started two weeks ago when we scrubbed all the teak decks down that took my wife and I three whole days of scrubbing, and whole days mean a 7am start and finish about 6pm with no breaks 😦

This week we needed to fit new anodes, clean the prop off give the hull a clean and get some fresh antifoul painted on.

7am high water and waiting for the tide to turn.

Three hours later and we’re high and dry, thats my legs up near the bow, I’m cleaning off the bowthruster prop.

Prop done, next job is power wash the crud from the hull.

Power washing the sh*t off 🙂

Many thanks to Allene & Wally Scrimshaw for taking the pics and emailing them to me.

Got a new van :)

Well it’s new to me 🙂 A sheet of 4×8 won’t fit in the car but it will
go on the roof of the van 🙂 and handy getting ladders and anti foul
down to the boat when she’s lifted in a week or two.

A couple more pics