Folding Chessboard

A championship size chessboard that folds up for storage 🙂

Here is what it will look like using sketchup

Just ordered some of these brass hinges for it.

As soon as the hinges arrive I’ll start making it. 🙂


Well the hinges arrived this morning, and I’ve searched about for some wood, Black Walnut & Beech

Here’s the stock or should I say offcut left overs I’ve got to make the chess board with…. I’m going have to be very careful not to waste any, as I don’t have much to play with 🙂


The four pieces on the left are for the frame. The four shorter pieces on the right are for the squares they were all put through the sander to size them and to remove any traces of snipe. The four shorter pieces have yet to be cut again to make eight thin boards.

Beech Backing Boards.
Two pieces started off as four and glued together, they have been sanded to thickness then cut here to the finished size.

Every thing thicknessed sized and ready for a little glue up.

First glue up of what will become the squares.


All four pieces of rail routed out to take the inlay strips or banding of Ebony and Boxwood. You can see the rough markings of where the rail will be mitred, I only added that to make sure I was adding the banding on the correct edge.

Here the last lot of banding of Ebony and Boxwood gets glued into the rebate. I was running out of small clamps for this last piece. 🙂

Another of the rails and gluing the two halves of what will become the Squares.


Using my homemade board cutter or sliding square as I like to call it, I cut off a thin slice just to get the edge true.

using the fence this time I cut the strips exactly the same width as when I first cut them into strips.

The glue up of the chequered boards, making sure black square to the left white square to the right. 🙂 these will be left as two boards.

Gluing the face piece in the centre of the board half on the edge where it will be hinged. It won’t be seen on the chequered side, although not clearly seen in this pic the edging piece is two millimeters wider than the board, as is the edge frame. This is being done so I can lay lamb skin over the beech much the same as a leathered desk top.

Cutting biscuit slots to one of the edge frame pieces. Next will be mitering the one end then I can glue this piece on to the boards.

The squares have been glued to the base pieces, and here the first parts of the frame have been glued in to place using several biscuits in each piece. Care was taken to match the correct pair of sides so the grain matches.

The two longest parts of the frame biscuited glued and fitted.

The final piece gets fitted.

Glue up complete, next a good sanding using an orbital sander, then the hinges to be fitted, and finally the finish to be applied. Lambs leather ordered that should be here in a couple of days.

Well all the woodworking is finished, today I fitted the hinges.

Close up of the hinges fitted with the board folded.

A full view of the board folded.

Well nearly finished, just three or four coats of Danish oil then apply the lambs skin leather and it will be finished.

First coat of Danish oil goes on another three or four coats to go each coat will be cut back with 0000 wire wool, finally it will get a coat of Black Bison paste wax.

The final fifth coat of Danish Oil was applied left over night and here after I cut it back with wire wool I’ve applied a clear wax paste and buffed it up.

The leather looks rather red in these pics because of using a flash, in the final pics I’ll try and take a few pics not using it to get a sence of its real colour of burgandy.
Anyway first job is to trim two edges to make sure it’s square.

Next job is to liberally coat the wood with PVA glue. This pic probably shows the truer colour of the leather.

After trimming the other two edges using the lip in the wooden frame as a guide I used a dark wax liberally all around the edges of the leather.

Both pieces fitted and finally a buff up.

The finished chess board. Picture taken in natural light to show the true colour.

The Finished Chess Board. The final pic 🙂