A Pair of Planes

The pics of the left & right hand #140’s are borrowed of the net, I didn’t take them. When I get time I will take some pics of mine


Two new Lie Nielsen tools :)

Yes two new Lie Nielsen tools. Bought them on Ebay, the seller said they were mint condition. They are too, they’ve never been used. 🙂

Christmas Presents

454 Page book on everything you need to know about every species of wood going, it says it’s a hand book but more like an encyclopaedia 🙂
Two speed squares the large one has a multiple use adjustable fence.
A Lie Nielsen #9 Swmbo bought off ebay 🙂
A sailmakers palm glove repair kit.

Latest tools gloat

Well this finishes the bevel edged chisel cabinet, added are the 1″ chisel third in from right, and the last two on the right which are a left and right handed 1/2″ skew chisels.

Here is a better pic of the chisels including two Lie Nielsen planes the #98 & #99 plus a Lie Nielsen Boggs spokeshave and a Veritas hold down.

One or two other Lie-Nielsen tools I have

No. 10-1/4 Bench Rabbet Plane

60-1/2R Rabbet Block Plane

60-1/2 Low Angle Adjustable Mouth Block Plane

073 Large Shoulder Plane