My Workshop

My workshop or garage that never was

Footings being built April 2005

The roof going on

Begining of June waiting for the doors & floor to go in, but after a problem with the floor it would be end of August before it was finished (Bloody Cornish Builders).

Anyway inside walled off separate to the main workshop is my storage cupboards for glue, paints, finishes, screws, fastners, dowels, biscuits etc.

West View, the door leads to the storage room

North View

East View

Since the above pics were taken I have had a little shift around or should I say a major shift around. 😀
The reason is I needed to find a home for my set of Blue Spruce paring chisels, this in turn meant my bench needed shifting. Here are some pics showing the latest upheaval.

My six new Blue Spruce paring chisels & my Lie Nielsen set of bevel chisel in their new home.

So I needed to move the bench underneath the cabinets

My Stanley planes all live in the right hand cabinet

But before I did that I had to move my DW712 saw bench and cupboards to a new home which meant I had to move this as well

So with everything shifted this is what it now looks like.

Mobile Clamp Stand, I really didn’t think it would be so heavy loaded up and I think I should have got bigger castors. 🙂

jet 22-44 sander

New Cabinet for hand tools

Tool Cabinet Remodel
Adding the Blue Spruce Butt Chisels I needed to alter the storage, here’s a pic of the cabinet now

But with those machines out of the way I don’t seem to have made much room. 🙂

Workshop Layout on 5th October 2009

For a better view go to my picture sets on Flickr and look at Workshop Tour Set


7 Responses to My Workshop

  1. Stu says:

    Did you sketch the machines?

  2. Lord Nibbo says:

    No I download all, searching 3D Warehouse in the file menu. I couldn’t find a morticer so I used a model of a pillar drill and modified it to look like a Sedgwick 571.

  3. Ron Holmberg says:

    Hi, my name is Ron, im from MissionB.C. canada, I was admiring your double hi fi black walnut cabinetsyou made for your stereo equipment. Can you tell me, How exactly did you finish this wood? Ive been using Watck danish oil, liberally and rub it all off…but the wood doesnt have that “polished look” after danish oil should i be using a beeswax/teupentine or somthing? If you can help with this id be most grateful. And im sorry to post this here! i couldnt see a mail to do this discretly. Kiond Regards, Ron Holmberg

  4. Lord Nibbo says:

    You need three or four coats of danish oil, I use Colron Refined Danish Oil Clear. But most danish oils are the same. I start with a liberal first coat then between each coat I use 0000 grade wire wool to rub it back, it makes a lot of dust so it’s got to be wiped down every time after wire wooling. The final coat of oil goes on sparingly then after a good 24 hrs I use black bison clear paste wax and buff it up.

  5. Jeremy Cook says:

    Well that’s quite a workshop!

  6. ДМИТРИЙ says:


  7. hafiz says:

    hi, I am an architecture student from Malaysia. I am doing a case study about a carpentry workshop and I am very attracted to your carpentry workshop design. would you mind giving some information about your carpentry workshop design ?

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