Newfies Bosun & Otto

Too many pics of them to post here so if you care to go to my Flickr pages they can be viewed as a slide show.

Click Here to see pics of Bosun & Otto


4 Responses to Newfies Bosun & Otto

  1. shirley says:

    fabulous pics of the boys. Just one of my girls left now but she remembers terrorising Otto and driving him under my chair!

  2. Lewis Garnham says:

    Hi,I own a Nauticat 38 Minerva, built in 1984 so she is not as swish as your beautiful boat.She was imported into Australia and in 2007 i bought her in Queensland and sailed her to Hobart Tasmania.She had been treated for osmosis and currently on the slip having had all the thick cracking ant foul removed to the glass. Will be epoxied.
    How did you get 12 knots ? surfing a wave. What speed can she sail at ? I have a Bruntons Auto Prop to lessen drag and improve efficiency motoring.
    I am considering a mizzen stay sail, so please tell me the size of yours. I noted its tack was to windward, ? where to? Can you tighten the luff for windward work?Do you find ithe sail useful?
    I have a large asymmetric kite and sock. I mounted two extra winches on the back of the cockpit seats with the lead from a snatch block on the aft cleats. Please tell me your emailfor photos and correspondence.

  3. Mark Stern says:

    Hi from New York, I have been enjoying the pictures of Nell as part of my research into Nauticats. These may be a more enticing proposition than the more typical sailboat for my wife and two labradors. I love your Newfies too, but after seeing at the dog boarding ladder I was disappointed that there were no pictures of Otto and Bosun enjoying the life aquatic. Is this an innocent omission or does it signify that they prefer not to sail? At any rate I cannot show your pictures to my wife yet because she loves Newfies far more than sailing and we will end up with 4 dogs and zero boats. Hopefully you will post a few shots of Otto and Bosun enjoying a good sail…

    • Lord Nibbo says:

      Hi Mark, The only pictures we have of the dogs on board are all video taken with an old camcorder as it’s not digital we’ve never bothered to get them digitized. Most of the time we only took the dogs on day trips and in calm seas, Bosun loved being on board and didn’t care about rolling around on deck, Otto on the other hand was a little nervous on deck especially if the engine was running, he would always try and stay close to us for his own comfort, as soon as we anchored they both used to amble around the deck quite happy. We also had dog harnesses which were attached by safety lines same as crew safety lines.

      Most of our ports in the west country of England are swinging moorings (buoy) which means using the dinghy a lot, Otto would sit as good as gold in the dinghy but Bosun couldn’t be trusted to stay in the boat 🙂 it’s that Newfie thing about loving water 🙂

      If you intend just day sailing and not over nighting on board then it’s all ok but overnighting means taking the dogs ashore regularly to go to the bathroom, that’s a real chore with two 180lb dogs to get in and out of a dinghy 🙂

      So if we were doing any real extensive passages we never took the dogs it would have been unfair on them, they were quite happy to stay with friends rather than rocking around in the boat.

      Don’t be put off it’s only our opinion. We loved our Newfies and are trying not to be tempted in to getting a new puppy, nothing to do with the breed, nothing else but a Newfie would do, but as we are getting older it gets more difficult strength wise to look after such a large breed.

      Do let us know how you get on. 🙂

      Dave Beckett aka Lord Nibbo

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