Some static machines

Sedgwick 571 Mortiser
Copied (mainly Chinese) but not bettered it’s a joy to use.

Bought this pillar drill for £100
It was a bit rusty, but a tin or two of spray paint made it look as in the pic, it works far better than any modern drill stand in the £100-£200 price range.

This is the Norm design router table I made, OK it’s not really static.
It has a Trend T11 fitted permanently with a Xtreme Xtension fitted to the router. I’m going to do a mod on my router table, watch this Steve Maskery video and this is by far the best way to go…

Sip 10″ Cast Iron Table Saw

I’ve added a Jessem Mite R Excel gauge to the table for doing precision cuts

One of my latest buys is this Lyndhurst 8″ Planer

In the background of this pic is a Record PT260 planer thicknesser.

I’ve also got an Axminster CT330 330mm Thicknesser
One of my best buys. Ok a bit noisy but it thicknesses faultlessly.

Other machines include
Record BS 350 Bandsaw

A Dewalt 712 Compound Mitre Saw

it can be seen in position on the bench I made just for this saw

In view in the above pic to the left is a Record 75 Mortice Machine to the far right just in view with a yellow cover over it is a Tormek grinder.

In the background of this pic is a Europak 12″ Disc/ 20″ Belt sander

Here’s a closer view, The belt is 6″ wide, the disc is 12″ diameter.


I also have a Record CL2 Lathe this pic is a CL3 but is identical to my machine in looks

Sip Bobbin Sander

Perform CCAF Air Filter up and running in position

Not really static as its on wheels
jet 22-44 sander


5 Responses to Some static machines

  1. David says:

    Very well put together blog Nibbo.

    Would you please be able to let me know who is the UK dealer for, or a website for, Europac. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Many thanks indeed.

  2. lordnibbo says:

    Europac UK is a part of the crowleygroup

    Europac UK Limited
    Fairacres Industrial Estate
    Dedworth Road
    SL4 4LE
    Telephone 01753 862029
    Fax 01753 830051

  3. bopdilly says:

    Excellent blog! Interesting article and very informative! I will necessarily subscribe for this blog.

  4. chrisg says:

    Just stumbled across this fantastic blog; nice pics and really well put together. I really like the design of the bench you made for your compound mitre saw. Do you have any detailed pics of how it’s put together and it’s features anywhere?

  5. Lord Nibbo says:

    The mitre saw bench is based on what Norm Abrams made in one of his TV programmes, I believe you can get plans for it if you visit his web site “New Yankee Workshop” here’s a link

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