Woodwork Projects

American Black Walnut Drawer Unit


American Black Walnut Cupboard

James Krenov Style Table
Thats a Stanley #7 along side it. The table is only 16″ tall It’s made from sixty year old English oak and black walnut.

Just finished doing the wood work part of Maureen are neighbours Oak Table, just the actual finish to put on it and then it will be finished. 🙂

The top appears to be 1 3/4″ thick

But it’s not

Here it is finished and in Maureens conservatory


American Black Walnut Clock

It’s 400mm x 400mm square with inlaid Beech hour digits


Teak Garden Swing

Then I had to think about a frame to hold it up off the floor, this was my design

And here is the finished project

SWMBO Approved it

American Walnut HiFi Unit

Tired of dusting this unit

We decided to make an American Walnut HiFi Unit like this I designed myself

But with two identical units side by side making it over 8ft long.

The work started with this

This is a pic of one of the two units assembled

Sunday Morning at Half Past Eight 🙂

One unit gets a coat of Danish oil

and the first of two drawers is finished, directly behind the drawer the Walnut face boards can be seen.

It’s Wednesday and both units now have the drawers fitted and both have had another coat of Danish oil.

And Now It’s Finished and installed

Thursday 31st January
Today I started the TV unit.

Tuesday 6th February

It’s as good as finished, well nearly.

American Walnut TV Unit, Top open for units that require remotes. Bottom enclosed with a bottom hinged door for storage of remotes, DVD’s Video tapes etc. Pictured after three coats of Danish oil (still wet) when dry a light sanding with 0000 wire wool then a coat or two of Black Bison Wax and it will be finished.

Used up some of the left overs of the American Black Walnut from the HiFi Unit to make this TV Unit, infact only the top was sized up from unused timber the ends and rails were off cuts. To match the Hifi unit everything was sized to two inches thick except the rails in front of the shelves they were sized to 18mm same as the birch plywood and the door was also sized to 18mm thick and is in fact four pieces jointed together with biscuit

The top was jointed and biscuits were used, the same for the end panels. A floating tennon was used to join the top to the end panels, and 18mm stopped rebates cut with a router ½” deep for the shelves.

Sanded down to 240 grit then 0000 wire wool then three coats of Danish oil for the finish, that’s the point I took the pics. Tomorrow it will get another rubbing down with wire wool and then waxed with Black Bison. 🙂

And a view of the back panel


Here it is in it’s final resting place.


Another project just started today Tuesday the 13th of February.

A Small Sidetable

It’s going to be a side table, it’s made entirely from leftovers of American black walnut.

The legs are a slab design to match our dining table.

First pic is the scraps I used.

The top and the legs were cut from 2 1/2″ and needed resawing to get near the thickness.

This pic are the legs being sawn.

This pic shows all the components planed to size but still not cut to length.

The next pic is all the components positioned but awaiting mortise & tennons.

Here it is with all the mortise & tennons cut.

Rebates or as the Americans would have us say Rabbets, added to all the stiles for fixing the top on.

Pic of the first stage of glueup, legs to the longer stiles.

These pieces in the pic below will be the breadboard end for the table top, stopped rebates have been routed in ready for fitting to the top.


I finished the side table today.

Here are some more pics, starting where I left off yesterday.

The base and top were glued up.

Then the top was squared up and sized.

Next the shoulders were cut.

Then the cheeks were cut off.

After drilling the breadboard ends were glued only near the centre and fitted.

Next the tennons were fine fitted.

After drilling the breadboard ends were glued only near the centre and fitted.

Here is the finished table after a coat of Danish oil.


I made a small table from this one board

No finish applied as yet.
Quite an interesting project, no visible power cable going to the lamp holder.
The legs all look solid walnut, it tested me doing the glue up as the electrics had to be routed through the wood before the glue up.

Standard Lamp

Dollies crib

Another lamp

A Hall Table

With the wood panel removed and the wall now plastered and painted this is what it now looks like

Chess Table Design and Build

Similar in size was a must, the new ones have to fit within the deck guard that protects the dorade from fouling any loose sheets (rope) flying around on deck.

One turned the opposite to the other, this is how they will be normally used.

Walnut knife block made for my wifes favourite Mexeur Sabatier Knife Set 🙂

Bed Headboard

Folding Chess Board


Computer Gaming Desk

This is no ordinary computer desk this desk is for a top flight Gaming Computer and need special attention for a top gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse. The design called for it to partially fold away.

Here the desk is folded away to its smallest sizeImage

Support for first leaf of the table pulled out.Image

First leaf folded out on to the support.Image

The gaming desk in full size with a temporary support holding the second leaf up. When in situ this leaf will be supported by a permanent bracket fixed to a wall.


This shelf unit is to house an Xbox and SP3 gaming consoles and will fit under the desk. This is no ordinary computer desk this desk is for a top flight Gaming Computer and need special attention for a top gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse. The design called for it to partially fold away.Image


The full set of pictures can be seen as a slide show at this url.



6 Responses to Woodwork Projects

  1. Undoubtably the best professional wood working I have ever seen. Man, you are a PRO..

  2. Lord Nibbo says:

    No not a pro 🙂 Just a hobby I love doing.

  3. john Overree says:

    WOW.. You are a pro. Enjoyed looking at your projects. Thanks from Dallas Texas

  4. I’m new to woodworking and also a long time amateur tournament chess player. I can only dream of someday creating a full tournament sized chess table. Your work is fantastic! Thank you for sharing it.

  5. ДМИТРИЙ says:


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