Nauticat Helm Seat(s)

Nauticat made helm seat, plus a few mods I’ve done to the steps to make the steps into a seat and add an alternative helm seat in the pilot house door way.

First is the Nauticat made helm chair.

Helm chair in it’s highest position and anchored down by the strap on the lowest rail.

The helm chair in the highest position showing how the seat is hooked under one of the rails and the weight taken on the rail below.

The Steps Seat

Step seat folded away.

Step seat in use. Note the space to the left top step left clear so it can be used without removing the cushion.

Step seat in the up position. Without the cushion fitted.

The cushion is fixed in position with press studs.

The step seat viewed to show the leg storage with the folding part stowed away.

The Door Seat

The door seat in position and hooked under the inner lip of the door frame to keep it in position.

The lower lip can clearly be seen under the door frame.

How the door seat is constructed. Made from solid teak with the underside covered in felt to stop it moving when in position on the door frame.

All these pictures can be viewed full size on Flickr here HERE


That’s a big one :)

This popped up just a mile out from Polperro


A Busy Two Weeks

It all started two weeks ago when we scrubbed all the teak decks down that took my wife and I three whole days of scrubbing, and whole days mean a 7am start and finish about 6pm with no breaks 😦

This week we needed to fit new anodes, clean the prop off give the hull a clean and get some fresh antifoul painted on.

7am high water and waiting for the tide to turn.

Three hours later and we’re high and dry, thats my legs up near the bow, I’m cleaning off the bowthruster prop.

Prop done, next job is power wash the crud from the hull.

Power washing the sh*t off 🙂

Many thanks to Allene & Wally Scrimshaw for taking the pics and emailing them to me.